Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heart of Gold

I recently pinned a DIY gold wire bracelet from, and I finally got the time to make it! It makes for such a cute addition to any outfit- it’s dainty and simple but adds a touch of girly- ness.
All you need is 5 ft of 16-gauge non-tarnish brass, jewelry pliers (round and flat) and a glass (or a jar of salsa in my case!) that's about the size of your wrist.
 1. At the end of your wire, make one hump for half of your heart. Use the round pliers to shape.
2. Next to your hump, make the valley (the V of your heart) by pinching the wire with the flat pliers.
3. Make another hump for the other half of the heart, and pull the ends together to create the heart.
4. Wrap the short end of the wire around the long wire twice to create the heart. Make sure you wrap it to where the sharp end won’t prick your skin!
5. Now wrap the long wire around your glass to create the bracelet part.
6. To make your hook, pinch the other end of your wire so that it is doubled up. This part should be about an inch long. (You’ll want to try the bracelet on to figure out where you want your hook to be.)
7. Bend the piece of doubled up wire in half to create the actual latch. (This might require an extra pair of hands!)
8. Now wrap the excess wire around 2 times and trim!
And there you are! A new handmade stackable bracelet!


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  1. i saw this on pinterest and i'm happy to know that it is as easy to make it as it seems! just came across your blog and love it. i'm a new follower. i would love if you could check out my blog and follow back. looking forward to reading more posts from you!!