Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A High Jump

My blog aspirations can really be summed up with a story about my calves- a story taking place at age 12 when I was called to re-jump for the PE athletic records.

 Given that my “real” sport-career ended around age 8 (okay, okay I’ll give up the fight…cheerleading isn’t quiiiite a real sport), I thought this must be a cruel joke. To my surprise, the overly hairy and slightly terrifying gym teacher asked me to perform my high jump again. So, squatting low and springing up from my embarrassingly large calves, I reached as high as my jump would take me. “Yep!” I heard the coach say. I looked up at her with wide eyes- a look that undoubtedly would be followed with “Wait…whaaat?” nowadays.

I had set the high jump record. Me- quiet, un-athletic, embarrassed me.

Such a trite story to sum up my exhilarating blogging goals, right? Well I just find the resemblance- if anything- a little comical. There I was in 6th grade, a straggly-legged toothpick, and I set the high jump record.  The two muscles that pre-teen boys had prodded and poked for years had landed me a spot on the record board. The strange muscles that hung off my legs that looked different than everyone else’s- winners?!

Well nowadays, my legs aren’t quite toothpicks and my strange calves fit in a little better than they used to. But some things haven’t changed a bit. I would still stare wide-eyed at anyone who told me I had just set any type of athletic record. I would still feel shocked that any oddity of mine had brought triumph.

I guess that’s where the whole ‘blog aspirations’ idea comes into play. If I can take what I’ve got- whether it be calves that I find strangely shaped or a brain that I find strangely organized- and create something triumphant, well then I absolutely must.

So, although my life is a hodge-podge of loving, eating, fashion-ing, outdoors-ing, crafting, designing, cooking, finding, exercising, and of course ADVENTURING, I plan to make these things triumphant. I’ll take the ordinary pieces of life and find how they can triumph. And then I’ll share those triumphs with you.

So, all you scraggly-legged high jumpers (okay- and the rest of you normal people too), stay tuned.


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  1. Oh my God You have jumped so high in a very early age and you set a record! Thats great. Maybe you kinda athlete or some sportsman spirit in you. Did you again jump so high like that?