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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Easy DIY Décor

Lately, I’ve been looking for cute, stylish ways to decorate my apartment without going broke. This usually turns into to a few trips to Walmart and a couple craft days. Here are 2 ideas I’ve come up with lately (well, one is from pinterest!).
My first idea really applies to you if you like the outdoors- hiking or camping, etc. The idea is to pick up a rock from each place you hike or camp and bring it home with you. Buy a mason jar from Hobby Lobby (only $3.99) or the Dollar Store (obviously only $1, but it’s a bit smaller), and pick up some twine or raffia. You can use fake or real flowers. I’ve got fake ones in mine for convenience, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to replace them with real ones periodically! Simply put your rocks in the bottom of your mason jar and stick your flowers in. Tie some raffia around the jar to add a touch of cuteness! You can even make your rocks more personalized by writing the date you hiked/camped on each rock. Check out my DIY Vintage Window Frame Shelf to see how I used my mason jar as home decor!
The second idea- taken from pinterest- is as easy as it could be, and the total cost is $5! Buy your favorite shaped tray from the Dollar Store and some chalkboard paint from Walmart or Hobby Lobby. (I also bought a $2.99 easel at Walmart to display my finished product.) All you have to do is paint the inside of the tray with 2 coats of chalkboard paint, and you have your own personalized message board!

Have a wonderful Thursday!