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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Crayon Canvas

I think the whole crayons-melting-vertically-down-your-canvas is really neat and all, but when I came across a different spin on the project, I knew I needed to go crayon hunting. Luckily, my mom has saved just about every single crayon we ever wrote with as children, so I had 2 bags full! This craft is so easy and I think it ends up turning out so neat! All you need is a hairdryer, a fork, a canvas, and some crayons!
Pick out your favorite colors of crayon, and take off paper wrapper. I probably only ended up using about 12 crayons.
Decide where you want your splash of color to be. Break off a piece of your first crayon. Stab your crayon piece with a metal fork and hold it over your selected area. Turn on your hairdryer directly above your crayon until the crayon melts and begins splattering. You can do as little or as much of this part as you’d like! Repeat with all your colors all over your canvas. Be careful about mixing certain colors that may yield brown!
You can even blow dry your splatters after you’ve taken your crayon away to spread the color out more.
And voila! Your own crayon explosion canvas!


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