Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Driftwood-Glam Jewelry Holder

A couple weeks ago, I was at my lake house and noticed how beautiful some of the driftwood on the shore was (sorry I’m just now noticing its beauty Uncle Tim…hah!). So I set out (with a little help) to collect some of the coolest pieces for a possible DIY project. I ended up with about 10 pieces of unique driftwood and a couple ideas to try. My first was a jewelry hanger for my apartment next year. If you know me, you know I LOVE necklaces. I have entirely too many, and they’re really cramping my current jewelry holder. So, this project was a perfect fit for me! It can be done with any piece of wood and any small drawer knobs. I found my knobs at Hobby Lobby. They have a great selection, and they go on a 50%-off sale every other week! All my knobs (half-off) totaled about $11, and of course the driftwood was free! So, here are the steps.

You’ll need: A piece of driftwood, 4-6 small drawer knobs- depending on the size of your wood (with screws), a drill, 2 hangers, & Gorilla Glue (or super glue, wood glue, etc.)
1. Measure your piece of wood with a measuring tape and decide how you’d like to space out your knobs. Take into account that larger knobs will take up more room when you’re figuring the spacing. 
 2. With a pencil, mark where you want each knob to go. Attempt to make sure the marks are level, using the measuring tape as a straight edge. With bumpy driftwood this is hard, so I had to eyeball mine.
3.Now, you’re ready to get your drill. Using a small drill bit, drill a hole for each knob. Then place your knobs in the holes, securing each with a washer and nut.
4. Now flip your piece of wood over and determine where you want to place the hangers. You might need to hold your wood against the wall to see where they need to be. When I placed mine against the wall, only 2 places actually touched the wall. So, that’s where my hangers went. It’s obviously best to have a hanger on each side- as evenly spaced as possible. 
5. If you’re working with a piece of old driftwood rather than a sturdy piece of wood, the hangers will tend to rip out (because the wood is so soft). That’s where the Gorilla Glue comes into play. Drill 2 small holes for your hangers, and before screwing the hangers in, squirt gorilla glue in each hole.

6. Using your drill, screw the hangers in. You can add a little Gorilla Glue on top of the screw, as well. 
Let it dry for a couple hours, and there you have it. A jewelry holder with authentic driftwood and your own hand-selected knobs!
Please excuse my background… I don’t move into my apartment until August, so I had to hang it in a shed to spare my current wall the nail holes!

Until next time,



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