A Coffee Container & a Pickle Jar

I’ve been dying to have some much-needed crafting time, and today was finally the day! One of my favorite crafts of the day was creating two containers for my bathroom counter. The best part? They’re made from an old coffee container and an old pickle jar! Who knew a pickle jar could be re-used? Upcycling at its finest (…don’t get me wrong- I did have to wash it realllly good to lose that pickle stench)! Anyway, these containers give a chic but rustic look to your bathroom, and they’re so easy. All you need is some rope, a hot glue gun, and some leftover containers. I also ended up painting the inside of my coffee container coral, because I didn’t like the red. So, you may want paint as well!

Happy crafting!


  1. I love this! So creative!! I nominated you for an award. You can check it out here: http://www.girlsgonefood.com/2012/07/awards.html

  2. I love this! I think this would be perfect for a future weekend project!

    your newest follower


  3. Thanks so much Lauren! You're too sweet:) And thank you Andrea! Can't wait to check out your blog!!

  4. oh my, I just love this! Can't wait for my coffee container to get empty! Consider me one of your new followers :)

    1. Thank you Ellen! You are truly lovely to have around! :)

  5. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing! :)



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